The NRECA Supervisory Certificate program teaches the core competencies required of supervisors in the areas of leadership, communication and administrative skills.The curriculum, developed by NRECA, is based on the set of supervisory competencies identified by experienced cooperative supervisors and CEOs. Participants who complete all nine tracks earn a supervisory certificate.


Provides an understanding of co-op business, clarifies roles and responsibilities and helps participants gain acceptance and create a long-term development plan.
Helps participants analyze how they currently use time and explains how to identify time wasters. Students discover how to better organize information in the co-op workplace by implementing a time-management system.
Participants look at the causes and types of changes in the co-op workplace and discuss a four-step process for managing change.
Participants discover their individual communication styles and identify factors that impede or enhance one’s effectiveness as a supervisor.
Participants learn a proven three-step process for coming to mutually acceptable agreement in conflict situations.

NOTE: Participants must complete additional courses (offered in October, or on their own) to earn certification.

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