A Unified Voice for Advocacy Issues

MECA works with member co-ops and other allies to achieve legislative and regulatory outcomes that positively impact our co-ops, communities and quality of life.

A Powerful Partnership for Co-op Legislation

MECA and its member co-ops are powerful and effective public policy advocates on State and Federal issues. Together, MECA and its member co-ops were an important part of the following recent co-op successes:

Safety Training and Support

Safety is one of the most important concerns of the electric utility industry. MECA empowers the safety cultures of participating electric co-ops and utility partners through a comprehensive Safety & Loss Control program.

Mutual Aid in Crisis or Disaster

Restoring power after a major storm or other crisis is a complex task. A safe, swift restoration requires logistical expertise, skilled line workers and specialized equipment. MECA coordinates this critical process for the Michigan electric co-ops and many of their neighboring municipalities.

Communications and Marketing Support

MECA assists member co-ops with the development and implementation of strategic communications that advance co-op priorities and member-consumer engagement.

Professional Development Resources

MECA member co-ops have exclusive access to education and training resources and events for their directors, managers, employees and future leaders.