Safety instructors from Michigan electric co-ops recently attended the Quad States safety instructors meeting in LaCrosse, Wis. Pictured are (L-R) Ben Striegle (Great Lakes), Bruce Welliver (Wolverine), Jim Mackie (Cloverland), Joe McElroy (MECA), and Bev Bumstead (GLE).

Members of the Quad State Instructors group are electric utility safety professionals. Formed in 1964 by electric utility safety people from four states, members now hail from 22 states. At meetings held twice a year, they exchange information and solutions, upgrade their skills, and expand a high-level collection of shared and pertinent training programs.

Membership in Quad States is available through a sponsor, and voted on by the members. “However, new members are welcomed, as there is never too much knowledge and experience,” explains Joe McElroy, safety and loss control director for the Michigan Electric Cooperative Association. A majority of members work with electric co-ops or municipal utilities, and those without a sponsor who are interested in joining can contact