MECA has launched a new online “Safety Shorts” video series for safety program partners during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Traditional classroom-style safety training is still the most effective approach,” says MECA safety director, Joe McElroy. “But we want to provide some meaningful safety resources until we can get back to meeting face-to-face.”

The short, focused videos are designed to keep safety issues fresh in the minds of operations employees. Each safety short includes a quick 8-10 minute video and talking points for guided discussion. Key operations supervisors and safety staff at each MECA safety partner utility have been given login access to review the material and share with their teams.

“In times of crisis, research shows that employees respond to safety information better when it comes from their supervisor,” explains Tom Ulatowski, MECA safety & loss control instructor. “We designed the program to ensure supervisors play an active role.”

Safety Shorts can be found under the “Safety & Mutual Aid” tab on the MECA website. New topics will be added regularly.