Rich Grzyb (pictured above), a journeyman lineworker/meter technician for Alger Delta Cooperative Electric Association, has retired after many years of dedicated service.

Grzyb began his career on April 3, 1972, and retired on April 3, 2015, capping his tenure with Alger Delta at exactly 43 years. A full-time, on-call lineman until November 2003, he was then promoted to journeyman lineworker/meter technician.

During his years of service, Grzyb saw and experienced a lot of changes, a lot of new faces, and the advancement of technology. When he first started, there weren’t bucket trucks or GPS systems, so lineworkers had to do a lot more climbing and rely on paper maps to show locations.

“Rich has had a tremendous career with Alger Delta, and we know how much he is looking forward to retirement and spending more time with his family,” notes Alger Delta CEO, Tom Harrell.