“The power landscape is shifting. Help your co-op prepare.” is the theme of the new “Innovative Power Summit 2014” that NRECA has created to help electric co-ops shape their strategies and the course of the industry.

Co-op communicators and finance professionals, engineering and technical staff, CEOs and others are invited to attend Oct. 28-30 at the J.W. Marriott-Indianapolis, IN.

“This event will bring together co-op leaders of all types to explore how these changes, many driven by consumers and technologies, will impact your cooperative’s operations and bottom line,” explains Jo Ann Emerson, NRECA CEO.

Many of the workshops are taking a “purpose-driven” roundtable format that helps attendees form their business strategies, along with fact-finding Learning Labs, general assemblies, and networking events. Topics include industry changes and practical business solutions; updates on solar power business options, battery storage and new technologies; natural gas and fuel diversity; working with regulators on industry change; firming intermittent power supply; and retail/wholesale rates.

“New industry regulations and changes in power distribution require a different way of thinking,” Emerson adds. “We created this unique summit to help co-ops face these future challenges successfully through collaboration and idea-sharing.”

Visit cooperative.com/innovativepower for more info and to register!