In July, the Wolverine Power Cooperative Board of Directors approved a five-year construction plan to rebuild 600 miles of transmission line—its most ambitious construction goal in the last half-century.

“This plan is the culmination of Wolverine’s member teams, Board of Directors, and staff, working together over a decade to develop the technical and financial capabilities needed to execute a work plan of this scale,” said Tim Martin, vice president of engineering and construction at Wolverine Power Cooperative. “We are privileged and proud to embark on this plan to invest nearly half a billion dollars into strengthening reliability, system monitoring, and opportunities for continued growth for our members.”

As part of its commitment to rebuild the entire 1,200-mile looped transmission network by 2023, Wolverine significantly upgraded much of the network over the past ten years. These upgrades include taller and stronger pole structures, essential conversions to 138 kV, and implementing fiber optic cable to improve system monitoring and security. As Wolverine enters 2019, the cooperative will embark on the largest portion of rebuilding and most ambitious single-year goal to-date—150 of the looped network’s remaining 600 transmission miles.

“We’re proud of our team’s work to improve our system’s reliability, and we look forward to completing this plan for the benefit of our members,” said Martin.