“Looking out for you” recently took on more meaning with the option of prepaid metering now being offered to qualified Great Lakes Energy members.

The program—researched and discussed for over a year, then piloted by a team of volunteer employees—opened to members June 30. It provides another option for those who may otherwise have their power disconnected for nonpayment.

Provided their outstanding balance doesn’t exceed $800, a member who signs a Voluntary Prepaid Metering Agreement pays a minimum $100 installment to set up a prepaid account. Reviewing the agreement with a rep ensures the member gains a good understanding of program details before signing. Members then make the first installment payment on their prepaid account and continue with installments at their convenience using any GLE payment method. As long as the balance in the prepaid account stays above zero, no disconnect occurs. If the account is disconnected for a zero balance, simply making a payment on it again ensures prompt reconnection.