In his fourth “State of the State,” Gov. Rick Snyder said that Michigan’s comeback is continuing.

Snyder shared some welcome news when he said Michigan leads all other states in manufacturing job growth and the addition of nearly 221,000 private sector jobs. The personal income growth rate is tied for No. 1 among Great Lakes states, and the population is seeing its first growth since 2003.

To keep fueling the comeback, Snyder said in 2014 he’ll focus on:

  • more and better jobs;
  • attracting global talent;
  • a statewide system for training & educating skilled technicians;
  • ensuring an educational system that reflects the technology age;
  • improving community quality of life (especially for seniors & people with special needs);
  • protecting the environment and natural resources while allowing wise use; and
  • re-inventing government to be more customer-focused while providing the best service possible.

Snyder said issues that still need addressing include education, road funding, Detroit’s bankruptcy, tax relief, and the budget surplus.

In the energy policy arena, Snyder said he will use information gathered last year from utilities and other stakeholders to develop a much-needed, comprehensive energy policy.

“It is still the governor’s intention to have 2014 be the ‘year of discussion’ for energy issues with 2015 the ‘year of legislative change,’” comments Susan Schlaybaugh, MECA’s legislative consultant. An active schedule is expected in both the House and Senate Energy & Technology committees, she adds, and noted that both committee chairs (Rep. Aric Nesbitt and Sen. Mike Nofs) will focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy and electric choice. MECA will provide testimony and information to these committees on issues of interest to its member co?ops.

Since 2014 is an election year for the governor, Senate and House, Schlaybaugh notes that any difficult policy discussions will be handled before their summer recess or after the November General Election.

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